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Our mission is to provide our fraternal family members financial security via life and annuity products, while offering charitable, cultural, social and educational opportunities that benefit them and their communities. It is to this fraternal family that we invite you and yours.

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$783 Million
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annuitiesIconAn NSS annuity is a contract between you and us that provides you with a guaranteed future income in exchange for payments you make to your account. It’s a long-term way of planning for the future, particularly for your retirement.  Explore annuity options here

 Insurance Plans

insuranceThe National Slovak Society offers two types of life insurance plans: permanent and term.  Permanent Plans of insurance (Whole Life) build cash and loan values. Term Plans offer the most protection for the lowest cost with no cash on loan values.


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Enjoy our current television commercial and meet our president and his family.


March 13th, 2014

National News Magazine March 2014

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View All Events

NSS Life holds a number of fraternal events and happenings. Stay in the loop and check out what’s going on now.

NSS Heritage Museum


We encourage school trips, friends, families and fellow Slovaks to drop by. Visit our Museum page to schedule a visit, or find useful information such as time.