Annuity Products and Rates

CURRENT RATES: * 8-yr Annuity: 3.5% * 5-yr Annuity: 3% * 3-yr Annuity: 2% *

NSS Life Annuities Meet All Your Needs!

  • Maximum Deposit Limitations May Apply on all Annuities
  • Hard-to-beat Interest Rates
  • No Sales or Administrative Fees
  • Supported by High-Quality Investments
  • All products are available as Qualified or Non-Qualified plans
  • Qualified Plans: IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, TSA or Coverdell
  • May be Annuitized at Any Time with No Charge
  • If Annuitized, there is a minimum 5-year payout

Interest rates for new issues are subject to change 
APY means Annual Percentage Yield

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Our Brochure offers specific Annuity information to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions about Annuities.

What is a NSS Annuity?

It’s a contract between you and us that provides you with a guaranteed future income in exchange for payments you make to your account. It’s a long term way of planning for the future, particularly for your retirement. Both IRS Qualified and Non-qualified annuities are available in a NSS Annuity contract.

Is my Annuity money safe with NSS Life?

Annuity deposits are protected by the total resources of the National Slovak Society; with assets in excess of $900 million dollars and growing. Information on NSS Life solvency can be readily obtained from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department or independent CPA firms who make annual audits.

Who do I become a Member?

All you need to do is to purchase either a life insurance policy or a NSS annuity. As long as you maintain an active policy with the NSS, you will remain a member of the Society.

Why should I purchase a NSS Annuity?

There are three very good reasons for you to consider purchasing a NSS annuity:

  1. You will earn one of the most competitive interest rates in the industry and there will be no charges, unless you withdraw funds early;
  2. Purchasing a NSS annuity gives you membership in the oldest Slovak fraternal in the United States, complete with all the fraternal programs and activities it provides;
  3. A NSS Life fixed annuity is guaranteed positive investment growth, with a guaranteed minimum interest rate.

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